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7 Child Custody Mistakes You NEED to Know About

While divorce rates in the US are falling, children of divorced parents are still more likely to experience negative consequences. Filing for divorce can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re also pursuing child custody. Knowing what not to do can make the process easier and help your family adjust to the change. Keep reading for the… Continue reading 7 Child Custody Mistakes You NEED to Know About

7 Things You Should Never Say (Or Do) In Court

The purpose of divorce is to resolve critical issues, including child support, custody, and fair distribution of spousal assets, when a marriage fails. Given the heated circumstances, it isn’t always easy to respect the process. At any moment, your emotions may get the better of you. That’s why an important aspect of a divorce lawyer’s… Continue reading 7 Things You Should Never Say (Or Do) In Court

What Makes a Good Divorce Lawyer?

Getting a divorce is a highly stressful life event. It helps to have an experienced divorce attorney by your side who you trust to help you make life–changing decisions involved in a divorce. Consider the following qualities as you consider your choice for a divorce attorney. 1. Experience: Look for an attorney who has been… Continue reading What Makes a Good Divorce Lawyer?

It’s Almost “Divorce Month”

As the holiday season comes to a close, it seems a new season is just beginning – the season of divorce. It’s Almost “Divorce Month” Over the past years, January has been dubbed “divorce month,” as a result of the surge of divorce filings that arrive every first Monday of the year and continue through… Continue reading It’s Almost “Divorce Month”

Divorce in Texas – Tips for Choosing a Divorce Attorney

Texas law allows for those going through a divorce to represent themselves in court, although many choose to obtain legal representation. There is a lot more to choosing a divorce lawyer than just picking any name from a list. Rather than choosing at random, people should take time to carefully consider their options to make… Continue reading Divorce in Texas – Tips for Choosing a Divorce Attorney

Why You Need a Will

What happens if I die without a will? Die “intestate” — means to die without a will. If this occurs, you cannot choose who will inherit your money, real estate, belongings, property, retirement benefits, & insurance (your “estate”). Instead, your estate will be divided according to Texas law. Without a will, your estate could be… Continue reading Why You Need a Will

Co-Parenting During the Holidays

While the holidays are a time for family love & excitement– these times of year can take a dramatic dip when you and your spouse are no longer together. Whether you have already broken up or are in the midst of a divorce, it can be an emotional time for many families. This is why… Continue reading Co-Parenting During the Holidays