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Divorce in Texas – Tips for Choosing a Divorce Attorney

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Texas law allows for those going through a divorce to represent themselves in court, although many choose to obtain legal representation. There is a lot more to choosing a divorce lawyer than just picking any name from a list. Rather than choosing at random, people should take time to carefully consider their options to make sure they hire the best divorce attorney for their own needs.

Ask for recommendations from friends and family, this might help narrow down your search to just a few names. It may be challenging to get an idea of who an attorney is and how they conduct themselves just from reading reviews– So advice from family and friends might help give you some insight.

Texas is a community property state, which means people’s assets may be tied up until their divorce case is finalized. Consequently, budgets may be tight in these types of situations. When it comes to pricing schedules for Texas Divorce Lawyers, there is no set or standard fees. Ask each candidate about their retainers, hourly rates, flat fees, & any other associated costs before moving further to help get a better idea of which attorneys fit your budget/needs.

Nowadays, it’s much easier to find information about law firms than it was in the past. A simple Google search will show relevant information about attorneys in your area and even show reviews of past clients. Sometimes you can even get details of cases each lawyer has litigated. Gather this information to ascertain that the lawyer you have in mind has adequate experience in handling your type of case.

The divorce process is unique to everyone. Your divorce goals/interests might differ from those of other people. Take time to figure out what is important to you in your choice & come up with questions to ask each prospective lawyer. Take time to share case details with them, this may be time-consuming but it will save you in the long run. Ask questions and compare the feedback from each, scratch a candidate from your list if you figure that the lawyer is inexperienced, or cannot give a thoughtful response.

Hiring an attorney with vast experience is a general rule of thumb. An experience attorney understands the twists and turns of the legal system that can appear in a divorce trial. Consider: Number of years they’ve been practicing law, reputation, and case record.

A great way to review a law firm’s reputation is check testimonials from past clients, these are often found on their website or on their Google reviews. If there are more negative than positive experiences, proceed with caution or scratch them off of your list.

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